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Man Made Stream

This natural looking stream is an example of what you can do with a water feature

Lawn with Steping Stones

This is an example of the use of steping stones in a lawn


This is an example of a pond that provides tranquility and beauty

No Lawn Front Yard

This is an example of the use of shrubs and ground covers to replace high maintenance lawns

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Sustainable Landscaping


  • 1 hour mowing (gas) = 20 miles in a car
  •  Mowers, Blowers and Trimmers Emit 5% of ozone-forming VOCs  
  • Mowers, Blowers and Trimmers Emit 55 tons of VOCs per day 
  • VOCs linked to health effects/global warming
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Gary Krause Sustainable Landscaping and Design

Each year millions are spent on designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that use to many unsustainable recourses. This practice does not conserve resources and depletes our water, contaminates the soil and water table and pollutes the air from the use of gas powered equipment.

Gary Krause Landscaping is certified in 'Best Management Practices' for sustainable landscaping from the Green industries Institute so we can better provide alternatives to our clients that reflect a more sustainable approach.

Sustainability in Landscape has many different meanings. Some define a sustainable landscape as a discipline that emphasizes plant health, soil condition, water quality, and resource conservation.  To be sustainable does not mean the elimination of fertilizers, synthetic compounds, petroleum based products and gas powered equipment. Rather, sustainability means the creation of outdoor spaces that utilize the three R's, 'reduce recycle reuse'. A sustainable landscape creates a natural and balanced relationship between the natural and man made environment.

Certified for Best Management Practices in (see links below) Landscape planning and design using sustainable 'GREEN' Methods

 "There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed. " ~Mohandas K. Gandhi


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The Case for Sustainable Landscape

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