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Sustainable Landscaping
License # 6772

Belgard Arbel pavers

Responsive Design

Belgard Arbel Paver Patio.

  Mega-Arbel® gives homeowners the perfectly integrated, natural-looking hardscapes they desire. Its scale is  similar to natural flagstone. With its irregular shape and textured surface Mega-Arbel creates outdoor spaces that flow harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.




Creating Views

With our adaptive responsive design, your site will be enhanced by creating a space you want to 'live in'.


Adaptive vs Responsive

Technically speaking, Adaptive and Responsive are not entirely the same. Look it up in the dictionary and they're more or less synonyms. In the hardcape design world, however, Adaptive means more "hiding/showing" of elements based on different space, whereas Responsive means the resizing and moving of elements, gradually, based on architectural elements.

We use both techniques, together, to make your site respond in the best possible manner for whoever uses the space/landscape. You don't need to know the mechanics of how it it is constructed to know and feel the hardscape/landscape is beautiful and fuctional.